Initially viewed as a backyard for the United States, Canada has travelled a long way to become the tenth-largest economy of the world. This is attributed mostly to immigrants who have come to this country and settled there. This has led to it becoming one of the most multicultural nations of the world.

It has now become one of the most educated countries in the world. The economic development has also resulted in the federal government investing more in education. It is now home to some top universities. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, its largest cities, have the most number of educational institutions.

Increasing number of Indian students prefer to pursue an education in Canada because in some human development indicators it is even ahead of the US. If you have looked at the list of top 10 universities in Toronto, Canada, it is high time you approach Heet Overseas to get counseling on which one to apply to as per your particular requirements. It will also help you to narrow down on the best universities in Ontario, Canada for international students, help you apply to them, advise you on how to get a visa and more. Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, is also a desired destination for international students, as it one of the most culturally diverse cities of Canada. Indian students are among those who seek to study in Vancouver, Canada.


  • The University of Toronto: Chosen by most as the best Canadian university. Established around 190 years ago, this university, which has three campuses in Toronto, became world famous for its research studies in microbiology. It is also renowned for its courses in literature and communications.
  • University of British Columbia: Ranking among the top five best universities, the University of British Columbia is located at two places – Vancouver and Kelowna. It has a truly multicultural environment where students from over 150 countries congregate. It is the alma mater for three Canadian Prime Ministers. It is ranked high in geography, education psychology, agriculture , among others.
  • The University of Alberta:Located in Edmonton, attracts students from 135 countries and is a major revenue earner for the province of Alberta.
  • McGill University: One of the other oldest universities in Canada , is located in Montreal. One out of every four students here is a foreign national. It has been the alma mater of a dozen Nobel Prize winners.
  • The University de Montréal: Top-ranked Francophone university of Canada and also one of Quebec province’s top 10 employers. This university gives utmost priority to research.
  • University of Waterloo: Another top university from Ontario is the University of Waterloo. Though relatively new, it gained in polarity so much so that about two out of every five students here is a foreign national.
  • McMaster University: Also located in Hamilton, Ontario is McMaster University, which has become popular for its medical school.
  • The University of Calgary:Has five campuses, of which one is in one in Qatar. It is said to be the birthplace of many inventions.
  • Western University:Located in London, Ontario, is about 140 years old and admits about 28,000 students each year on its campuses. It attracts students from all over the world and is famed for its clinical, health and business studies.
  • Queen’s University : Is a public research university is located in Kingston, Ontario. It is renowned for medicine, business studies and courses in law.